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Cellfield Reading program


When the child's system is ready to focus on executive functioning and reading challenges, various programs will be used such as Cellfield. Cellfield is a breakthrough program addressing underlying challenges people with dyslexia as well as slow readers experience. 

Cellfield uses brain imaging, brain plasticity, and computer science to do what others can't -- rewire the brain and actively work on all components supporting efficient reading.

Cellfield has an active working memory component, visual tracking, scanning, visual figure ground, focal, and peripheral vision. These are the foundations to decoding with good comprehension.

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How the Program Is Designed

Phase I

Phase 1

Phase I is a two week program, every day for one hour. The main purpose uses a computer interface to work on the underlying physiological processes involved in reading.

Phase II

Phase 11

Phase II immediately follows Phase I and is a weekly appointment with one of our occupational therapists. The goal of the second phase is to apply the gains made in Phase I to concrete reading material, increase confidence in skills, and replace old habits.

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