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Leah Snyder



Leah has been a member of the TWFK team since October 2019. Her energy and enthusiasm are unmatched; she is a huge sports fan with a playfully competitive spirit and a knack for inventing clever new motor activities with underlying clinical benefits that no kid would ever suspect!

Leah earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University and her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Wesley College. She is a certified Interactive Metronome provider and has a strong interest in continuing education in sensory integration, DIR, and reflex integration techniques. Leah has been utilizing sound-based interventions (I.e. Tomatis, ILS, etc.) since her early years as a clinical assistant. Leah is incredibly passionate about the field of pediatrics and continually pushes herself to be the best occupational therapist she can be.

Leah Snyder photo.jpg

When she’s not in the clinic, you’re most likely to find Leah watching sports, playing sports, or attending sporting events (especially if it’s a Penn State or Philly team)! Fun fact: she also loves spooky things and gets a thrill from scary movies. She loves a good ghostly craft or themed obstacle course when Halloween rolls around!

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