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Marjoire Cases


OTR/L, SIPT Certified, DIR Certified, DIR Trainer, IMC, iLSC, Tomatis Consultant

Marjorie is an occupational therapist who can turn any skill into an engaging play opportunity! A graduate of Montreal University, Canada, and a practicing therapist since 2002, Marjorie is an esteemed clinician who holds expertise in:

  • Sensory-based intervention

  • DIR (Floortime) interventions that facilitate engagement and social reciprocity

  • Supporting neurodiverse clients with autism, ADD/ADHD, and learning/reading differences

  • Supporting neural capacities in those with acquired brain injury

  • Emotional and mental health concerns, including depression

DSC_2164 (1).jpg

When she’s not directly interacting with clients around the TWFK office, Marjorie is committed to supporting clinicians around the world in bringing the interventions she’s so personally passionate about to their own facilities. She’s an active consultant and lecturer with various academic programs and professional groups across the United States and Canada, including: the California Occupational Therapy Association and the Alaskan Occupational Therapy Association. Marjorie has lectured in Toronto, Canada to train parents and professionals in the DIR model; she currently provides tutoring in the DIR model for certificate trainees nationally and internationally.

While Marjorie has become a beloved staple in the therapy community here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she remains devoted to her first home, Montreal Canada, where she visits a few times yearly to provide occupational therapy and Tomatis services to her hometown community. Marjorie’s mission is to learn as much as possible, spread knowledge as far as possible, and help as many children and families as possible. She thrives on finding new interventions that are cutting edge and is always eager to expand her ever-growing skill set.

When not in the clinic, Marjorie enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children. She is an avid runner and loves to soak up a good audiobook while she takes in the scenery on her trails.

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