Intensive Programs


Our intensive program is designed to give your child a developmental push in order to create significant progress over the course of 4 months.


*Also available tailored for Adults and Pregnant mothers. 

The intensive program is suited for many children and their families to overcome:

✓  Language delays

✓  Sensory Processing

✓  Learning Differences

✓  Auditory Processing

✓  Autism and behavioral challenges


✓  Coordination

✓  Muscle Tone

✓  Anxiety

✓  Attention

This intensive program combines sound based therapy with sensory integration occupational therapy to address underlying challenges with a multi sensory approach. 


Our intensive programs is divided in several loops where your child will be seen every day over the course of ten days.

Our intensive may combine various aspects of occupational therapy, auditory stimulation, balance, movement and visual motor activities in a one on one setting to address the specific needs highlighted during the evaluation.


By combining multi-sensory intervention, listening, and visual stimulation, we reach faster and more integrated results.