"To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about trying the Cellfeld Program. There were many factors leaning me towards the program.  The main factor being that my 11 year old son had worked with Marjorie & Emily for many years prior for his Processing Disorder. I knew that if he tried this program he would see success in some shape or form. His reading delay, included fluency, decoding & comprehension issues. And although in reading support at school, he was not gaining the ground he should have.  But I wavered on the program because at the time Cellfeld was fairly new to TWFK. This had me going back & fourth for 2 years, which I finally decided to have him complete.  Having had my son finish the 14 week session last summer, it was the best thing I ever did & I wish I had done it sooner. He has a clear handle on what was his decoding & comprehension issues & had gained 3 reading levels at the occlusion of the program.  I am considering doing 2 more rounds as I write this, to give him a leg up for entry into middle school next fall.  I can go on & on about what a dramatic improvement this program has done for him, but the only way to see true results is to take the plunge & try it for your own child."


Debbie O. December 

"I’m writing to let you know how beneficial the Cellfield program was for our daughter, Mackenzie. As a result of completing Phase I of the Cellfield program, Mackenzie demonstrates a more solid grasp on phonological skills such as decoding and accurately corresponding letters with sounds in order to achieve smooth blending, a necessary skill for “sounding out” new words. Mackenzie’s teachers have noted that, since completing the program, she is able to utilize skills such as “word attack,” which shows a clearer understanding for linguistic concepts essential for successful reading. In addition, Mackenzie shows awareness of her own reading errors and self-corrects when necessary. Mackenzie’s skills and confidence with reading have significantly improved; she has gone up greater than two reading levels as a result of her participation in Cellfield.


Aside from an increase in academic skills, positive social and emotional changes have also been noted. Prior to completing the Cellfield program, Mackenzie avoided homework and other academic tasks requiring adequate reading skills. She demonstrated a pattern of negative behaviors surrounding school work. Being a compliant child, Mackenzie showed good compliance at school, but “fell apart” at home, indicating just how big of a challenge reading was for her. Mackenzie now happily completes reading-related assignments with happiness and pride.


Participation in this program was essential for her success. Without having received this level of support, Mackenzie was sure to fall through the cracks and/or experience an even larger decrease in her confidence that may have resulted in worsening negative behavior patterns. Not only would this have affected her academically, it may have had detrimental social repercussions. "

Ann Marie

"I completed the Tomatis home program in the summer of 2010 with Marjorie.  As the CEO of a company, I have to manage many projects at once, and I was feeling like my lack of attention, focus, and energy was starting to impact my work and my ability to properly strategize, implement and monitor the many projects in my daily business as well as my family responsibilities.  


The Tomatis home program was a game changer for me.  I felt more organized and my clarity of mind was vastly improved.  Above all my level of energy at the end of the day was unprecedented.  I no longer felt drained and tired coming home, allowing me to have wonderful quality time with my family – she we say it helped with my sleep also."



"If you stick through the program you will really see the results. I definitely experienced a huge change in my coordination which further enhanced my physical abilities. It improved my basketball game, especially my shooting. One day after a tomatis session I went directly to my 1st basketball practice of the season and I made almost every shot.  Best of luck in your journey, hope all goes well with you."


"My son had been struggling to ride a bike and his inability to do so was affecting his confidence and his lack of confidence got in the way of him doing the necessary practice and training he needed.  His friends had been riding their bikes for over a year and he kept insisting he liked his scooter better - that it was faster, but when his friends took off on their bikes and he could not keep up on his scooter, I saw his self-esteem take a dive.  I was excited to be part of Marjorie's bike group because Marjorie is one of those people I would follow across the country to be able to continue to work with, she has a delightful spirit that is infectious and seems to have a bottomless pit of resources and knowledge on how to help kids with autism and other developmental disabilities and challenges.  I wasn't sure how my son would do in the group, he tires extremely easily and wants to be able to do everything immediately without practice or hard work.  The first day was definitely the most challenging, he wanted to just ride and did not want to do the exercises Marjorie had designed for preparing the kids to balance, steer and stop.  Marjorie was extremely positive and encouraging and we managed to get him to do the exercises before quitting and playing at the nearby playground.  But the exercises were so precisely designed for what he needed, that all we had to do was practice them a few times over the weekend and his bike riding immediately improved.  The first day of the class, he could not ride a bike, the second day which was three days later, he was riding his bike independently.  The third day, he was stopping appropriately and safely.  [I also liked the way Marjorie called the bumps and scratches 'sports injuries,' it seemed to make them cool and something to be proud of.  And we did NOT get a lot, especially after learning how to stop properly.]  Now, my son is so enthusiastic about riding his bike, he wants to show everyone, he wants to ride all the time.  What I identified previously as being 'tired," I now believe to be an excuse because he just could not do it.  The self-confidence he has gained through this wonderful program has been such a reward to not only my son but to his father and I.  We are so grateful to Marjorie for the opportunity and we are so thankful we did this for him.


I don't know how you feel about the lines in brackets, so take them out if you think that would be a hinderance to anyone! (:


Thanks again for allowing us to participate.  You made a big difference in his life because of it.  (: "

"Marjorie,  I wanted to write to thank you so much for helping our son learn to ride a bike this Spring!  It was amazing that he made such quick progress in what I thought was going to be a long and hard road for him.  We had tried to teach him on our own, but because of his motor planning delays, his level of frustration increased each time he didn’t succeed.  Your techniques, which gave him a foundation of confidence, helped him learn to ride a bike without training wheels in less than five sessions!  I honestly didn’t think that he would make such quick progress, but he is having a blast this summer zipping around on his “big boy bike”!  Thank you!"

"Our 7 year old son struggles with coordination, balance and anxiety so we knew learning to ride a bike without training wheels would be hard for him.  Fortunately, Marjorie really made the whole process enjoyable and fun.  She taught him step by step how to feel confident and comfortable on the bike, and eventually how to ride independently.  At the end of the 5 classes, our son could start, ride, turn and stop on his bike completely on his own and the look of pride on his face was amazing!  She even helped him through the fear of falling, and when he did fall and scrape his elbow she immediately talked him through his "sports injury" and calmed his fears.  This class was incredibly helpful to our whole family and we definitely recommend it!"