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TOMATIS Intensive for Pregnant Women


It is well-established that when the mother is expecting, she transmits to her child the entire scope of affective and emotional states she experiences, both negative and positive. 


This is why it is important that during this exceptional period of communication, the future mother experiences the best possible conditions of relaxation and calm. Moreover, the maternal voice is perceived by the fetus, and thus constitutes a sort of primordial affective sound substance, which is absolutely important for the physical and psychic development of the child.


TWFK Pregnancy Program

This program is an important complement for every prospective mother, though also especially for pregnant women who have experienced difficult births before", has had the experience of an older sibling with special needs, or has had experience stress and depression.  


Prospective mothers undergo the Tomatis home program in the comfort of their own home for 2 intensives of 10 days each in their third trimester of pregnancy. Mothers listen two hours daily for the 10 days, take a 3- 4 week break, and then complete the second intensive of 10 days. The therapist will discuss the preferred activities during listening with each individual client.

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