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Executive Function & Reading Intensive 

There is lots of advice out there on how to modify daily routines and academics to support children and teens with executive function, reading and decoding challenges, but what is often missed is the underlying intervention that needs to take place in order to improve academic function.  

This program is designed to support children experiencing challenges such as executive dysfunction, dyslexia, and slow reading pace.


For these individuals, intervention once a week is not enough to promote brain plasticity. At TWFK we have a unique approach to supporting these skills through our intensive program. Your child will be seen 2 hours per day 5 days a week over two weeks with specialized programing targeting building the brain’s academic capacity. This will be repeated 3 times over 3-4 month period.  

The goal of this approach is to ensure all underlying skills fall into place so learning can occur. Specialized modalities including Tomatis, Cellfield, Interactive Metronome, ocular motor, perceptual and reflex integration are used to rewire the brain for synchrony between the auditory and visual systems needed for success in school! Find out more about each of these modalities. 

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