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Thrive Programs offer academic and social supports to children under the age of 5


Our Thrive Programs are designed to support children and prepare them for their academic journey and social success. Our Thrive programs are designed with three developmental and level of support. 

Thrive in School

This program is offered in private schools, preschools and daycares within Lower Merion and Haverford townships. Thrive is designed to support children in their natural school setting to achieve academic success. In addition to weekly private occupational therapy services, your therapist will complete ongoing direct services in-school, provide consultation to directly guide school staff. We will provide staff with the tools and strategies to put in place to support your child in the classroom. This involves direct consultation with school staff, and implementing classroom modification, curriculum adaptation and modifications so your child can achieve growth and success.

Thrive Intensive

Thrive Intensive is a unique high frequency intervention program implemented within your child’s school setting. Our highly trained occupational therapists will see your child in a two to four child group within their school setting three to four times per week, to support the underlying sensorimotor skills needed for academic success. The intensive model is a unique design of high frequency therapeutic intervention paired with various neuro-sensory modalities such as sound based intervention (Tomatis) to boost brain plasticity and developmental skills.  

Thrive by 5

Thrive by 5 is a specialized program designed for young children under the age of five to develop the skills needed to successfully enter the school setting. Thrive by 5 is an 8 month program following the school year calendar (from October to May) – in a small group lead by an occupational therapist, your child will engage in a curriculum designed to support self-regulation, co regulation, social reciprocity, and communication for kindergarten readiness. Our trained therapists use a developmental model pairing social engagement and sensory processing techniques paired with neuro sensory modalities.  Designed to mirror a preschool setting, the children meet four times per week for 2 hours each day. 

“Thrive by 5” has two tracks to best meet and pair the children.

Language, peer cooperation, and skills focus: This track pairs children with mild regulation challenges and mostly language and skills delays. This track combines developmental and sensory activities in order to promote maturation of social and developmental skills. It is designed to support the child’s sensory profile and meet their developmental needs so they can have a richer capacity to express themselves, have meaningful peer experiences, and build self-esteem.

Self-regulation focus: This track is designed for children with severe self-regulation challenges and severe social delays impacting all areas of function, limiting the school options offered to them. This track focuses on solidifying all areas impacting self-regulation within an developmental, play oriented to foster self-regulation, capacity to express self, and maintain capacity to access skills through stressors and demands.

The Thrive by 5 program is an eight month program. Children are being seen 2 hours per day 4 days a week from October through May in a group of a maximum of 4 children.

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