Occupational Therapy and Visual Motor Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy (SIOT) is a treatment approach that provides specific sensory stimulation and opportunity for the child to experience their body and movement sensation while interacting and playing in their environment.

The goal is to help your child’s brain normalize its level of alertness, accuracy of perception and provide an opportunity for  your child to develop increasingly more flexible and appropriate responses to their environment.

SIOT addresses the underlying challenges that cause behaviors, learning difficulty, gross and fine motor delay or social reciprocity challenges. 

Child in Air Yoga
Overlapping Triangles

Movement is life. Without movement life is unthinkable.

-Moshe Feldenkrais


Visual Motor Therapy

Kid Painting

between different systems and it is primarily a function of visual sensory inputs that are processed in the brain.


Difficulties in the visual motor function will affect how the brain treats the information and it is when “behaviors” appear


Reading difficulties,  learning challenges, poor eye contact, delay in language and in the development of gross and fine motor skills, handwriting and organization difficulties can all be an expression of visual motor and visual perceptual impairment.

Other and less obvious symptomatic behaviors can include hand flapping, toe-walking, social withdrawal,  odd postures and hyperactivity.

Vision is more than having good acuity or scoring 20/20 on a visual chart exam.  Vision is the combination and the coordination

 Visual motor and visual perceptual tasks such as reading, correctly adding columns of numbers in math class, playing soccer or other ball sports, copying information from the blackboard efficiently and handwriting are all examples of activities involving the visual motor systems and require visual perceptual skills. 


When a visual motor or visual perceptual dysfunction is identified, vision therapy is initiated.  Intervention includes specific activities involving the eyes, the visual field, the body and the body in the space.