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Occupational Therapy

What is OT and what does it address?

Occupational Therapy (OT) provides individuals with tools and resources necessary to perform daily living activities more efficiently, cope with everyday stresses, and promote success in daily environments with ease and comfort. OT helps individuals master developmental milestones while learning new skills. Occupational Therapists can work on:

  • Social and emotional regulation to support participation at home, school, and in the community

  • Fine motor skills to grasp, release, and manipulate objects such as buttons, zippers, crayons, markers, or scissors

  • Visual perceptual skills needed for handwriting, reading, and taking notes 

  • Self-care skills such as dressing, holding utensils, grooming, and everyday routines

  • Motor and coordination skills like riding a bike, tying shoe laces, making letters, or playing sports

  • Executive functions including task initiation, processing speed, working memory, planning and organization, and time management

  • Social and play skills to support engagement with others

Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy


Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy (SIOT) is a treatment approach that provides specific sensory stimulation and opportunity for the client to experience their body and movement sensation while interacting and playing in their environment.

The goal is to help our client's brain normalize it's level of alertness, accuracy of perception and provide an opportunity to develop more flexible and appropriate responses to their environment.

SIOT addresses the underlying challenges that cause behaviors, learning difficulty, gross and fine motor delay or social reciprocity challenges. 

Here at TWFK, we offer many scheduling options such as through our intensive based therapy programs, and recurring weekly therapy sessions as well.

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