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Reflex Integration Intensive


In our Occupational Therapy sessions, we incorporate the Masgutova Method and Myofacial Release Method.

This intervention is designed to readjust the body and integrate retained reflexes.  This intervention could benefit children with:

✓  Cerebral Palsy

✓  Brain Injury

✓  Trauma

✓  Dyspraxia

✓  Aggressive Behaviors

✓  Autism

✓  Developmental delays

✓  Genetic disorder


The Myo facial Release and the Masgutova Reflex integration techniques are part of our regular occupational therapy intervention. 


However, we also utilize those techniques during our intensive where the person in seen every day over the course of 2 weeks to give their system a strong foundation, allowing them to make significant progress in developing fine motor, gross motor and perceptual skills which created ground-breaking progress.

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