Thrive By Five Pathway


Occupational Therapy

Please Note: If your sweetie-pie isn’t so sweet when it comes to things that are challenging, good news: that’s normal, fine, and totally expected! Supporting sensory regulation to increase confidence to try new/difficult skills always comes first. Once the ball gets rolling, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your little one soars!

Child in Air Yoga

Does This Sound Like You? …

“I’m getting more and more worried by how long it’s taking her to pick up fine motor skills. Some kids her age can already write their names, but she can barely make a line and has an absolute fit if I try to correct her. Don’t even get me started on the battle of trying to get her to dress herself. I try to work with her at home, but it just ends up frustrating us both. She already goes to weekly OT; I just wish we could speed up the processing. The kindergarten registration deadline will be here before I know it and I don’t know what to do.”

“He likes to draw with me and lets me practice letters and shapes, but he just can’t seem to remember them. We must have made the letter ‘L’ hundreds of times and still he can’t seem to remember how to get started on his own. Sometimes I worry about his attention and memory. What’s going to happen when he eventually goes to school? My husband keeps insisting he’ll get there, but I’m not so sure. I know he’s a smart kid, but nothing seems to stick.”

“Everyone always tells me how sweet my son is, and they’re right, he’s so charming and charismatic. I feel bad for getting frustrated with him so often. He’s always wiggling about and I have to ask him to do things 50 times! Yesterday I screamed at him after repeating myself for 15 minutes straight to get ready during our morning routine. He looked so shocked and sad, like he truly didn’t hear me asking him until I stunned him into attention. I felt awful. He is sweet, but he’s just so all over the place! I worry about when he gets to school. He’s so disorganized, I don’t know how he’ll keep up. I don’t want him getting in trouble all the time and feeling like he’s a “bad kid”.”

“Thrive by 5 “ is a 8 months program following the school year calendar (from October to May) – in a small group lead by an occupational therapist and a therapist aid, your child will engage in a curriculum designed to support self regulation, co regulation and kindergarten readiness.

This program is specifically designed to give a developmental boost to children so you and them feel ready once September comes.

“Thrive by 5” has two tracks to best meet and pair the children


Language, peer cooperation and skills focus: This track pairs children with mild regulation challenges and mostly language and skills delays. This track combines a lot of developmental activities and support the maturation of the nervous system in order to see skills emerging. Designed to support the children sensory profile and meet their developmental needs so richer capacity to express themselves, meaningful peer experiences and skills readiness are the goals.

Self regulation focus: this track is designed for children with sever self regulation challenges impacting all areas of function, limiting the school options offered to them. This track focusses on solidifying all areas impacting self regulation and the curriculum presents activities to structure the day, but regulation, capacity to express self and maintain composure through demands are the goals

“Thrive by 5” program is a eight months. Children are being seen 2 hours per day 4 days a week from October through May in a group of a maximum of 4 children.