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TWFK provides therapeutic support to children and adolescents to help them express their individuality and reach their future potential through play, sensory and motor activities and meaningful engagement as a step toward learning and independency.

TWFK makes the commitment to work with families and other professionals as well as your school environment to provide comprehensive and individualized intervention.

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Our goal is to provide intervention to help your child reach their full potential at home, at school, and in the community.

Our Services

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Occupational Therapy
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Visual Motor Therapy
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Relational and Developmental Therapy
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TOMATIS Intensive
Executive Functioning and Reading Intensive.png
Executive Functioning and Reading Intensive
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Interactive Metronome
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Reflex Integration and Myo Facial Release
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Thrive By 5
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What Parents Say

"If you stick through the program you will really see the results. I definitely experienced a huge change in my coordination which further enhanced my physical abilities. It improved my basketball game, especially my shooting. One day after a tomatis session I went directly to my 1st basketball practice of the season and I made almost every shot.  Best of luck in your journey, hope all goes well with you."


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